Introduction: Cute DIY Dog Puppet

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Puppets are just the best! Learn how to make one here.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Tissue Rolls (2)

Patterned Paper




Sharp Object/Compass

Paint/Colored Straw


Cotton Twine/ Thread


Step 2: Decorate

Wrap decorative paper around the rolls. Stick with

glue. NB: Remember to trim down one of the rolls, this particular one will form the head of the dog.

Step 3: Make Legs for the Puppet

Using a compass, make four holes at the sides of one roll (the bigger one) and insert twine through the holes. One piece should run from the left side to the hole on the right side.

Step 4: Decorate Legs

Decorate the ends of the twine with beads and tie a knot when done.

Step 5: Make Facial Features

Stick your eyes on both sides of the head, cut out ears from paper and stick them on as well.

Step 6: Connect the Body Parts

Connect the head and the body with a straw after making two holes-one beneath the head and the other on the top part of the body. Make another hole on the other side of the dog’s body and pass twine through it; this piece should run through a straw and back to the dog’s body through the head. Stick the tail on the back side of the body.

Make an X shape at the handle by tying another piece of straw to the original one in the opposite direction. Adjust the length of twine as you wish and voila!

Your puppet is ready for the show!

Step 7: