Introduction: Cute Displacer Beast Tentacles

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As an long time D&D geek, I can't believe how hard it is to find a displacer beast costume on the Internet. So inspired by one of my favorite t-shirts (Displacer Kitty Wants a Hug!) I designed these fleece tentacles you can wear under or over your clothes.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

- 1.5 yards fuzzy or fleece fabric (purple)

- 2 8.5 x 12 pieces of coordinating felt (pink)

- matching threads

- craft foam (approximately the same amount as felt)

- 8 gauge wire

- poly-fill stuffing

- 3 yards of 1-inch webbing (enough to wrap around your torso and create straps)

- 1-inch buckle for harness


- sewing machine and basic sewing tools

- wire cutter

- pliers

Step 2: Sew Your Harness

I designed my harness to be worn underneath my clothes since I wanted the tentacles to emerge from beneath the bottom of my shirt.

First measure the portion of the harness that will wrap horizontally around your torso, just beneath the chest/breasts. Extend the length by 5-6 inches. Cut and seal the ends. Sew the buckle to this length.

Put harness on at the height you want it. Measure shoulder straps for each side from your shoulder blade to your front. Keep it snug. Sew the straps to the horizontal portion. Check the fit.

Lay out your harness and sew a short length of webbing between the two straps about at the height of your shoulder blades. This strap will be the top of your tentacles. If you've sewn the harness to be snug, it shouldn't sag too much but there will be some.

Step 3: Size & Bend Wire for Tentacles

The tentacles are based on the same concept as wire wings, but the tentacles bend down and forward instead of up and back.

Measure out a length of wire long enough to form both tentacle arms, pads, and the "U" shape between the tentacles (see the picture). I sized my tentacles based on the length of my arms and the pads at the end on the size of my hands (double the length for the pad so you can make a loop). In the middle you'll want to bend the "U" shape long enough to hook into your harness. Mine is a little excessively long.

For each pad at the end, bend a narrow loop slightly shorter than your final pad. The loop will allow you to give some shape and personality to the ends of your tentacles. Make sure the loop is narrow enough to fit through the arms of the tentacles.

Test your harness and tentacles before skinning them. Bend the arms back out straight for the next step.

Step 4: Make Pattern & Cut Out Tentacles

Each tentacle has a front and back piece differentiated by the pad at the end. The pad has a pointed egg shape. You can see my rough pattern above. The back of the pad includes three darts to round the surface. The front of the pad is kept flat and will have the palm sewn to it.

Each pad half is connected to a long straight strip slightly longer than each wire arm.

Make sure to include a seam allowance of 3/8 to 4/8 inch.

My tentacles are based roughly on the length of my own arms and hands. I erred on the side of slightly larger and longer. My measurements were approximately:

  • Width of Arm: 3 inches
  • Length of Arm: 30 inches
  • Length of Pad: 9 1/4 inches
  • Widest Part of Pad: 6 inches

Step 5: Sew Palms

Cut palms out of your pink felt to go on the front of the tentacle pads. Created a rounded egg shape/oval that matches the shape of the tentacle pad but is smaller by an inch or so. Don't include a seam allowance.

Pin and sew the palm to the front of the tentacle using a tight zigzag or embroidery stitch around the edge.

Step 6: Sew Darts on Top of Tentacle

On the back of each tentacle pad, pin and sew the darts. Trim excess.

Step 7: Sew Tentacle Skins

Pin the front and back of the tentacles together and sew. Trim excess. Turn both tentacles right side out.

Test to make sure both tentacles can slide over the wire frame easily.

Step 8: Cut & Insert Foam Into Tentacle

Now you have two flat tentacles. To keep the palm of the tentacles relatively flat, you'll want to insert a piece of craft foam in the front of each tentacle.

Place the tentacle heads on craft foam and outline them. Cut out the shapes slightly smaller than the outline to ensure that the foam will fit.

Carefully roll up the foam and insert it into the tentacle, moving it down until it's in the palm.

Step 9: Stuff Tentacles

Slide the tentacles over the wire frame, making sure the craft foam is on the front of the wire loop at each end. Stuff both tentacles with poly-fill up to the tops of the tentacles. Use less stuffing near the top to smooth the transition to your body.

Step 10: Whipstitch Tentacles to Frame

Stand the tentacles up and pin each end over the shoulder of the wire frame. Whipstitch the ends of each tentacle closed and to the frame to hold it in place.

Step 11: Shape Tentacles for Wearing

Put on your tentacles and bend the arms into the desired position.

Bend the wire loops inside the pads to give them some personality.

Step 12: Wear & Get Hugs!

Wear your tentacles alone or with ears and a tail for the full Displacer Beast-girl experience. Always ask before you hug.