Introduction: Cute Fox Corner Bookmark

About: HI I am Kathy and i am a club swimmer from Sedgefield 75 :) I love to create new things to share with you! :)

Make this super easy and adorable fox corner bookmark! Which only needs 7 items! :)

Step 1: You Will Need:

Coloured Card or paper (colour is your choice) I am using red

Plain white paper or card

Glue (preferably a Prit stick)

A pencil

A black pen (felt tip or fine liner)

A ruler

And a pair of scissors

Step 2: Cutting Out:

First, start by drawing a 12cm x 12cm square on your coloured card. Then cut out the square and the shaded bit on the above image. After that, cut out the two triangles which are shaded on the second image. You then, funnily enough, be left with a fox shape! :)

Step 3: Folding:

For the folding, take the right triangle and fold it down so it overlaps the square like shown in the 1st image. Next, glue the triangle you have just folded down and stick down the other triangle on the left as shown in image 2.

Step 4: Drawing:

For the face, draw in pencil two cute kawaii like eyes, a nose, an adorable smiley mouth, two small circles for the cheeks and some whiskers.After that, using a black felt tip pen or a black fine liner, go over the pencil drawing to make it stand out.

Step 5: The Ears:

For the ears, cut two small right angle triangles out of some of your left over coloured card. Also, cut out two smaller right angle triangles out of your plain white paper to make the insides of the ears.Next, glue the white triangles onto the other triangles you made for the ears. Then, glue the ears on the back of your fox like shown in image three.

Step 6: The Tail

For the tail, cut out a rectangle shape with a point at the top. Then, using your white paper, cut out a triangle for the tip of the tail. After that, glue the white triangle on the tip of the tail. Lastly, glue the tail on the back of the fox like shown in image 3.

Step 7: And You're Done!

Congratulations you have made your fox corner bookmark! I hope you enjoyed this bookmark creation and be sure to like this and comment any suggestions for any other corner bookmarks I could make :)

Lots of love

Kathy xxxxx

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