Cute Little Crate Stool

Introduction: Cute Little Crate Stool

I just love to play around with easy fast materials like styrofoam & tape.
This crate stool is great if you have a party or if you own a restaurant and don't know where to put all the soda and beer. 

Step 1: All You Need Is This

Styrofoam of 1,5 to 2 inches thick
A saw, the finer the better but it doesn't really matter.

Step 2: Cut the Styro to Size

Just put the crate upsidedown on the styrofoam and mark it.
Then saw to size (the crate is a welcome little support for this)
Turn the crate around and put the piece of styro on the crate.

Step 3: Tape It.

Tape the styrofoam to the crate. Start with putting a piece of tape around the sawed edge.
Do it carefully and neat and you'll enjoy the end result more.

Step 4: Monoblock

Of course you can make very simple ones like this red Coca Cola crate.

Step 5: Or If You Have Some Funky Tape

Make really nice patterns.
Weave it, do whatever you like.
Go crazy.

Step 6: Oh I Forgot About the Knife

Or actually I just thought of this while making the stool.
You could just leave the tape as it is, but I think it looks nice to cut of the underside of it.

Step 7: Stack Em Up!

As they are crates you could actually stack em up for chair height (2 crates), or as bar stools (3 crates). It's a perfectly functional way to hide or distribute your bottles, empty or full.

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    7 years ago on Introduction


    easy, cheap to make, simple...I like it! :)

    While I was reading this, I thought about using the styrofoam that you used for a base & have some thick cushy foam type stuff on top of that....

    makes it easier to relax on(softer on he posterior) & when used for a footstool, makes the feet more comfy as well....

    Now to go dumpster diving so I can find some crates to make this. :)

    TY for sharing. :)

    arne hendriks
    arne hendriks

    11 years ago on Introduction

    we used these in the instructables restaurant and they are great. It's a place to stock up your empty bottles etc.