Introduction: Cute Little Gift Box

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Creating a handmade box for your gift in is adding a personal touch to make your present one of a kind.

This gift box is simple and easy to make, so have fun!

Step 1: Make Square Out of Paper

Holding one corner of the paper, bring it down evenly to the edge making a triangle. Double check that it is even, then press with your finger. Lightly draw along the bottom where the excess paper is, unfold it then cut along the line.If the mark is still visible carefully erase it.

Step 2: Begin Folding

With your square paper(I use 8" square) You may now begin folding!

Carefully bend the paper evenly in half, then run your finger firmly along the edge to press it down. unfold it and repeat in the opposite direction.

Step 3: Fold Corner to Corner

Fold Diagonally in half evenly, open and fold the opposite direction.

Step 4: Double Square!

With your paper lying flat, fold the corners into the center to make a smaller square. It will help if you follow the creases on the paper.

Step 5: Inward Fold

Fold the two opposite edges inward so they meet the line in the middle. Unfold and repeat with the opposite sides.

Step 6: Halfway!

Unfold two of the corners as shown in picture 1. lift the sides up, fold the sides in (see picture 3&4) bring the point down to the center of the box, gently push in the corners.

Step 7: Repeat

Turn it so the open side is facing you and repeat the last step to finish a half box!

Step 8: My Other Half

Using a slightly smaller piece of paper repeat the procedure to make the other half of your cute little box.

Step 9: Flower Gift Bow

Cut out six 1 1/2" flowers using the pattern given

Step 10: Bending Petals

Bend the petals from the edge to the center.

Step 11: Glueing Into a Flower

Spread glue on one pedal then glue them together into a flower.

Step 12: Flatten

Flatten them in half, so there's three petals on each side

Step 13: Two Become One

Spread glue on two petals of a flower and two of another flower place them together and flatten, repeat with the last four flowers so you have three double flowers.

Step 14: Flower Gift Bow

Spread glue on half of two double flowers and place them together, add glue to the last double flower and attach it to one of the side of the other ones. Let them dry together for an hour or two,

Step 15: Attaching

Spread glue on the bottom of it and place on your cute little gift box.

Step 16:


You are done


If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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