Introduction: Cute Mother's Day Magnets

I wanted to create something that was easy to engrave, used a unique material (mirrored acrylic), had the ability to be updated (change the center image) and adds a nice memento to the fridge. All that is needed in mirrored acrylic, adhesive magnetic strips (thin enough to cut) and a picture!

You can proceed through the written steps or you can print the PDF file and follow along in the video below!

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Step 1: Design

The design for the magnet is quite easy. I used CorelDRAW X4 to create the pattern to be engraved and the hairlines to be vector cut in my laser.
Normally I draw in my outline first but this time I decided to create my design and then add the outline later. If you have a desired size, create your outline first and then add the design inside the predetermined size.
If you review the image of the finished product, you can see that the flower petals and picture are the centerpiece of this product. I will draw in the petals. I used the teardrop shape from AutoShapes. I start with one petal and then copy & paste it, adjusting the angle of rotation as I go. Group all of the petals into ONE group.

Step 2: Petals

A) Next, I add in a circle that will become the cutout circle that will display the picture. This is a multiple step process.
B) Be sure the added circle has a hairline (cutline). I figured between 1.25” & 1.5” is a good size for a cutout for a picture.
C) Turn on the Shaping Docker (Windows>Dockers>Shaping). It appears in the right panel.
D) Select all both items (the circle & the group of petals).
E) In the Shaping Docker, select Trim and the setting of Source Object(s). Then click the Trim button (shown below the words Target Object) and then click on one of the petals. Do not click on the circle, but rather one of the ends of a petal.

Step 3: Text

I now added in some ellipses to create paths my text. Draw in an ellipse. Get the text tool and bring the cursor near the ellipse. The cursor will change to a letter “A,” click and now the text that is typed will follow the curved path of the ellipse. After the text is typed, it can be resized, font changed and repositioned.
Be sure to break apart the text and delete the ellipses. (Select the grouped pair, go to Arrange>Break Text Apart and the ellipse and text will be separated – delete the ellipses so they are not engraved or cut).

Watching the video linked in step1 will really help to understand this step.

Step 4: Outline

Draw in the outline (red, hairline – which is seen as a vector cutline by the laser) that will be the cutline for our finished piece. I like the look of a rounded corner, so I set the corner roundedness to 11 on each corner.

Step 5: Reverse It

Since I am using mirrored acrylic for this project, I will be engraving on the back of it, so I must reverse my text and graphics.

Step 6: Engrave It

Put a paper mask on the FRONT of the mirrored acrylic. Why? It will go face down in the laser bed, since we are engraving on the back, and we do not want the acrylic to get scratched.
If you are engraving this yourself, here are some sample settings for a 35-watt laser:
Raster engraving – Speed = 80, Power = 80
Vector cutting – Speed = 7, Power = 100

Step 7: After Engraving

Cut the picture and add double-sided tape to it and apply to the back of the acrylic.
Purchase magnet strips that are thin enough to cut with scissors and have adhesive on one side to bond with the acrylic. Apply two strips of magnet to the back of the acrylic.

Step 8: Want to Learn More?

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Step 9: File

Download this CorelDRAW X4 file - if you need an earlier version - email me and I can get it to you.