Introduction: Cute Paper Ghosts!

Make some absolutely adorable ghosts! Unless you don't want them adorable. Then don't blame me if your getting the evils from every possible angle.

Step 1: Materials

Tissue paper - any kind.
Scissors (optional)

Step 2: Rip It Up!

Rip or cut a square from the paper.

Step 3:

Find the centre of the paper and place a small amount of tissue there. If your making a large one, keep adding more tissue.

Step 4:

Hold down the tissue and pull the paper around it.

Step 5:

If you have string or an elastic band, tie it where the tissue ends, so it's tight. If not, just pinch it tight - or pop down to the nearest string retailer, wherever that may be.

Step 6:

Mine has a little tail, you can keep it or rip it, the choice is yours. Get you finger and poof out the tail/dress/body or whatever you want to call it! Then, draw on some adorable facial features and decorate it how you want!