Introduction: Cute Picture Frame

About: We are a family of Artistic minds who not only create the ArtCAM Software, but make fun things aswell.

Create a picture or mirror frame using a cnc or laser machine in ArtCAM Express.

Things Needed

Wood or plastic for the size of the design you want

CNC or laser machine

ArtCAM Express

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Designing the Frame

1 The first thing that is needed is to create the vectors for the Whale. These are done using an image and the vectors that are created are exported for later use (this would not be necessary if modules were used or Insignia upwards)

2 Drag in the image – cute-whale.png

3 Accept the default values of the image, but change the Height in Z to 0

4 Reduce colours down 3

5 Make sure the white colour is the secordary colour and add a 5mm symmetrical border

6 Create a Bitmap to Vector using the dark blue colour, this is just to create the eye and mouth, the rest of the vectors can be deleted because there are parts of the lighter blur in spurts of water

7 Link the lighter blue with the darker blue to make one colour

8 Create another Bitmap to Vector to create the outline

9 Select all of the vectors, select the Vectors dropdown menu and select Export

10 Save this as an EPS file (whale.eps)

11 This model can now be disregarded as the model is too small and needs to be the
correct size

Step 3: Adding the Whale

1 Create a new model with the following dimensions (don’t save the changes)
2 Select Import from the Vector dropdown menu and select the Whale.eps to import
3 Tranform the while vector to approx. 125mm width (maintain aspect ratio)
4 Move the vecors to the bottom right of the model as shown
5 Create a rectangle, snapping to the corners of the model
6 Offset the rectangle inwards, approx. 30mm
7 Ungroup the whale vector as the mouth and the eye need to be separate
8 Regroup the whale again, but not selecting the eye and mouth
9 Offset the outline by approx. 20mm
10 Select the inside rectangle and the new offset and use the Trim Vectors tool
11 Delete the outside vector

Step 4: Creating the Top Corner

1 Create a circle on the inside rectangle top left intersection, approx. 25mm Radius

2 Trim off the outside of the circle and the edge of the rectangle. Join these vectors if Auto-join is not

Step 5: Creating the Waves

1 Create a circle as shown approx. 10mm Radius

2 Node edit this circle and remove the top spans

3 Mirror this vector to the left making sure to copy and join

4 Mirror again to the left so there are four arcs

5 Enter transform mode, move the rotation point to the top left arc and rotate

6 Create a line between the two end points on the right. Add to existing line option should be selected and do not draw smooth polylines

This will now be one joined vector

7 This now completes the design process

Step 6: Machining the Design

1 Firstly create an Area Clearance for the body of the whale using;

  • Start Depth 0mm
  • Finish Depth 5mm
  • End Mill 1.5mm
  • Offset Strategy

2 Create another Area Clearance on the eye and mouth of the Whale using;

  • Start Depth 5mm
  • Finish Depth 6mm
  • End Mill 1.5mm
  • Offset Strategy

Notice how this does not machine the mouth as the tool is too large to get in there, so offset the mouth to make it larger. Delete the old vector and measure the new one, just to make sure that the Ø1.5mm End Mill will machine inside the vector

3 Right click on the new Area Clear and select edit Select both of he vectors again and recalculate, this will now machine the mouth

4 Create a Profile around the outside of the Whale but using a v-Bit to create a chamfered edge

  • Select Along as the profile
  • Finish Depth 2mm
  • V-Bit 32mm 90°

5 Next,
create another Profile around the inside rectangle to create another chamfered

Select Along as the profile

Finish Depth 5mm

V-Bit 32mm 90°

6 Create
another Profile around the outside rectangle to create yet another chamfered

Select Along as the profile

Finish Depth 1mm

V-Bit 32mm 90°

7 To
create the waves effect, use the V-Bit Carving tool as this will give a varying
depth because of the varying widths of the waves

Select the waves

V-Bit 32mm 90°

8 Select
the Inner Rectangle and create a Profile to cut the inner section out

Select Inside as the profile

Finish Depth 25mm

End Mill 6mm

9 Select
the Outer Rectangle and create a Profile to cut the inner section out

Select Outside as the profile

Finish Depth 25mm

10 Delete
waste material by picking the frame as the material to keep

11 Change
material to Platinum

12 Add
a depth colour of Turquise

13 Save
G-Code for machining