Cute Santa Face Cupcakes on a Budget!




Introduction: Cute Santa Face Cupcakes on a Budget!

Hi fellow Instructabers :-D
This tutorial I'd like to share an adorable recipe for the up and coming Christmas Holiday. Everything that was used to make these, I purchased at the Dollar Tree! Even on a severe budget you can still make a delicious Holiday treat that people will love! These are also a great project to have the kiddies help with!

And with that, I'd like to share these awesome Santa Face Cupcakes (on a budget).  Here is what we'll be making...


Step 1: Getting the Ingredients Ready

For these cupcakes, you'll need a few items! (Everything bought for this tutorial is from the Dollar Tree)

(Not all items pictured)

-Cupcake Pans
-Cupcake Baking Liners
-Cake mix: Betty Crocker Cherry Chip (water, oil, eggs)
-Granulated Sugar
-Red Food Coloring
-Chocolate Chips (for the eyes)
-Marshmallow Minis
-Sixlets (for the nose - separate the reds)

Homemade Frosting Ingredients:
-Granulated Sugar
Vanilla Extract

Now let's get baking! 

Step 2: Making and Coloring the Batter

Preheat Oven to 350°

In a medium size bowl, mix together the prepackaged cake mix according to directions.

I added a few drops of Red Food Color at this point and mixed the batter until well mixed.

Line the Cupcake Pans with the Liners and fill each with Cake Batter.

Once the Oven is ready, place in side and Bake for about 15 minutes (Oven time may vary)

Do this will all the Cupcake Batter until finished.

Cool Completely.

Step 3: Coloring Granulated Sugar RED

While waiting for the Cupcakes to finish baking, there are a few things we need to make: First I need to make some Red Sugar for Santa's hat.

To Color Granulated Sugar is very easy and only takes a couple minutes.

To turn it red, put sugar in a bowl and add several drops of food coloring (I used about 10 drops) Add as much until reached desired shade of color. 

Take a Fork and mix around the Sugar and Food Coloring until evenly coated. 

Voilà! Red Granulated Sugar. *Color may eventually settle a little darker* <- this is normal :-)

Set aside.

Step 4: Home Made Vanilla Whipped Frosting

For those who want something different than store bought frosting, I offer my recipe for Whipped Vanilla Frosting!

...To make - You'll need the following: 

- 5 T All Purpose Flour
- 1 C Milk
- 1 C Granulated Sugar
- 1 C (2 sticks) Margarine
- 1/2 C Shortening 
- 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Cook the flour and milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir constantly to prevent scorching. Mixture will become really thick (almost like mashed potatoes). Set aside to cool.

Cream sugar, margarine, shortening and vanilla until fluffy. If you're lucky to have a big man around, get him to mix it for you! :-D
Add the flour/milk mixture. Keep mixing until the sugar is dissolved, frosting should be smooth (like whipped cream).

Makes about 3 cups of frosting.

Step 5: Santa Without a Face

Please note *the Cupcake liners from the Dollar Tree will result in almost 'half cupcakes' which won't be as 'tall' as normal ones. This was unintentional, but everyone loved them regardless!

Take your nice and rosy cupcakes and lather them with your home made whipped frosting! While still fresh, take a spoon and cap off the Red Sugar at the top for Santas hat.

At the middle part of the Cupcake place 2 Chocolate Chips for the eyes, and a red Sixlet for the nose just underneath. 

Take 2 Marshmallows and cut them in half and place them just under the Red Sugar but above the Chocolate Chip eyes. (Parents will want to do the cutting if children are working alongside) 

Line the bottom curve of the Cupcake with 6 Marshmallows for the beard. (Easiest way to center the beard is to line up the center 2 Marshmallows with the eyes and work 2 more to the left and 2 more to the right)

Next take one more Marshmallow and cut it in half and place on their sides right under the nose for the mustache!

Congratulations, you just made one (out of about 45) 'short' Cupcakes!!

Do this with all the rest of your Cupcakes. *(This is time consuming, so the more help, the better!)

Don't forget to sample your awesomely adorable 'on a budget' Cupcakes and enjoy the sweet savory flavor! 

I hope you enjoyed!!
Happy Holidays Everyone!

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