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Introduction: Cute Summer Nails

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Step 1: What You Will Need

*purple, pink, orange, green and blue polish *4 stripers *mediocre skill with both of your hands *clear top coat(optional)

Step 2: Base Coat

Paint each nail a yellow polish

Step 3: The Details

Once the yellow is dry take the purple polish and a striper and paint an "S" on your right middle finger.

Step 4: More Details

Then make a "U" on your right pointer finger in green.

Step 5: Another Detail

After, make an "M" on your thumb in pink. Make sure it is facing the same way as the rest of the letters

Step 6: Yet Another Detail

Create another "M" on your other thumb

Step 7: Again...

On your left pointer, create a purple "E"

Step 8: Almost the End!

Lastly, paint a green "R" on your left middle finger.

Step 9: The End!!!

If you would like, put details on your empty fingers. Once dry, put a clear coat on top to protect and lengthen your nail polish's beauty.

Step 10: Thanks!

Thank you for looking at my first instructable! I hope you enjoy! Follow me! --moskiii13

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