Introduction: Cute T-shirt Beach Bag No-sew

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Hi! Need a cute beach bag for the summer?? Here's a cute easy one! It may take longer then expected but it really pays off! Here's what you need:

  1. Old PJ shirt (or just old shirt)
  2. Fabric scissors

Step 1: 3 Strips

Cut 3 strips of equal thickness and put them to the side. They will be used for the shoulder strap later.

Step 2: Lots of Tiny Strips

First, cut the sides only an inch or two like in the first photo. Then cut in to even strips like the second photo.

Step 3: Time for Knots

tie the strips together like in the picture don't forget to double knot them. Make sure you tie the right strips together, or else you will have to untie the whole thing and retie it.

Step 4: Bring Back the Big Strips

Its time to bring back the big strips. cut the big strips at 1 of the seems with all of them like in the first picture. Next put 3 of the 6 ends together like in the second photo. Cut a medium hole in the shoulder of the shirt, and stick the strips threw the hole you just cut and tie it in a knot like in picture 4. spread the 3 strips out like in the last photo.

Step 5: Time to Braid

Next you are going to braid the 3 strip as if they were hair. If you don't know how to braid, LOOK IT UP. Tie the end of the braid to the shoulder of the shirt where you cut the other hole. It should look like the second picture when your done tying the end of the braid to the shoulder.

Step 6: More Knots

Sorry the first two pictures are upside down :(. Cut the sides of the sleeves like the first 2 photos then tie them up. Don't forget to double tie them. do the same thing with the other side.

Step 7: Finally... You're Done!!

there is your beach bag! Did it take longer then expected?? I thought so. thanks for making this!

(If you did! :P :)

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