Introduction: Cute Valentines Day Card

This is how to make a cute little card in less than 10 minutes! Never thought is was possible? Well I'm here to prove you wrong.

Step 1: Supplies

Everything you need would be markers, 1sheet of paper or card stock, and your imagination. I used printer paper because I don't have card stock. Also you can have any colors you want. I used pink, red, blue, orange, and black.

Step 2: Steps One and Two

So first of course you want to fold your paper or card stock in half. Then you want to take the pink marker and make little squares in the shapes of a heart and leaving one block out.

Step 3: 2 More Steps

Next draw the one block farther up than its supposed to be. Look at the picture for help. Then take your black and draw the strings to balloons.(look at picture)

Step 4: Last Step

Lastly, draw the balloons with your three desired colors and write a nice message inside. I did "you complete me" and "love you"

Step 5: Conclusion

You can also do this with a Christmas tree, beer, and many more.

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