Cute and Simple Sock Toy for Dogs

Introduction: Cute and Simple Sock Toy for Dogs

Owning a dog is an expensive investment. Dog toys can be costly and often don't last very long. Why waste so much money buying a dog toy when you can make one instead?

This dog toy can be easily made with items found around the house and usually takes about ten minutes to complete. This is perfect for people of all ages. No crafting experience required.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

To make your very own sock toy, you will need:

1 water bottle (Aquafina and PureLife work the best)
3 socks (Short socks are preferred)

Step 2: Cut Off the Toe

Cut off the toe of one sock using the scissors.

Step 3: Making Holes

Puncture three holes in the end of the sock, near the area you just cut.

Step 4: Cutting Ribbon

Cut three pieces of ribbon of equal length. The ribbon should be long enough to tie a double-knot in each piece (about six inches).

Step 5: Knot the Sock

Thread each ribbon through the holes you just created. 

After you have done this, tie each ribbon into a double-knot.

Step 6: Preparing the Water Bottle

For the next step you will need the water bottle and scissors.

First, remove the label from the bottle; it is easier to cut this way.

Cut off the top of the bottle at the base of the neck. Then, cut off the very bottom of the bottle.

All you need for the sock toy is the middle of the bottle.

Step 7: Cutting the Water Bottle

Cut vertically once through the entire bottle.

Step 8: Insert the Bottle

Insert the water bottle into the second sock. Be sure to leave some cloth on each end of the bottle.

This is done to decrease the risk of choking, in the event the dog tears open the toy.

Step 9: Give It More Padding

Insert the sock with the water bottle in it into a third sock, again leaving cloth on both ends of the bottle.

This gives extra padding to the toy.

Step 10: Make It Look Like a Tube

Push the end of the socks into the water bottle. Repeat this on the other end of the sock.

It should look like a tube.

Step 11: Inserting the Tube

Insert the tube you have just put together into the first sock.

Step 12: Puncture the Other End

Puncture three holes in the unlaced side of the sock.

Step 13: Cutting More Ribbon

Cut three more equal-length pieces of ribbon. Again, these should be long enough for you to tie a double-knot (about six inches).

Step 14: Finishing the Toy

Thread a ribbon through each pair of holes, then tie each into a double-knot.

Congratulations, you have finished the sock toy!

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