Introduction: Cute Hair Chopsticks!!!

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Chopstick hairstyles have been in style from ancient Chinese and Japanese times and are in style for the present day. This instructable shows how to create your own hair chopsticks in different styles and colors.

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Step 1: Things You Need:

  • Chopsticks, I’m using metal chopsticks. You can use regular wooden chopsticks too
  • Nail polish in desired colors
  • Pearls, beads, crystals, chains etc. for embellishments
  • Wire to attach embellishments

Step 2: Coloring!!!

Color the chopstick in desired colors. Here I am coloring 2 chopsticks and one in metal. I prefer coloring chopsticks in white first so that the color applied later will stand out.

I colored one in red halfway and one in multi-color stripes.

Step 3: Attaching Embellishments!!!

Pearls and crystals should be attached using a wire for long wear. Make sure wire endings are secured without peeping out or it may harm you or might get tangled with hair. At this step you can add dangling ornaments, chains etc.

Chopstick one: make a loop in the wire end and insert pearls and make another loop in the other end. Cut off the excess wire. Taking another wire make a loop in the end and bend it to an ‘L’ shape (refer picture) and attach that to the chopstick making sure it’s held tight. Now attach the pearl dangling ornament made earlier to the chopstick, and attach a bell to the end of the pearl ornament using a jump ring.

Step 4: Chopstick Two:

make loop in a wire and bend it into an ‘L’ shape and attach it to the chopstick. Attach jump rings to the silver discs, and a jump ring to the chain. And attach the silver discs to the chain using the jump rings. It will look like a silver disc tussle. Attach it to the chopstick.

Step 5: Chopstick Three:

pass the wire through the hole in the ornament and attach it to the chopstick making sure it’s attached tight and no any wires are poking out.

Step 6: Time to Dazzle!!!

Put your hair up in a bun, pin the chopstick right through it and you’re ready to dazzle.

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