Cute Soda Can Hair Clip

Introduction: Cute Soda Can Hair Clip

I was looking for something to hold my hair back for a minute and i looked on my desk...i found a can. so i made this little craft! its so easy and it even actually works! so give it a try! oh, and its kinda fashionable too ;)

Step 1: Cut a Piece From the Can

So i used an Arizona can, but you can use other cans if you want. This particular can had a cute checker pattern so i used that. the Arizona cans that had it were turquoise and pink. so first you need to cut out the part that's checkered. you can just use scissors.

Step 2: Flatten It Out

so for this step just flatten the can piece out against a table or a book or something. you can also do it with your hands. make sure its flat!

Step 3: Cut the Pattern Out

Cut the checkers out. make it a strip about 5 inches. this step is pretty much explained by the picture.

Step 4: Fold It! Well, Not Yet...

for this step, its important that you fold the strip lengthwise about in half. its hard to explain. do the same with the edges. only fold a bit down so its not sharp. it should be about a half inch when you're done.

Step 5: Now Fold It!

Fold in it half, but leave a little bit peeking out. this bit should be just enough to cover  the other part of the clip by like a millimeter. now fold this tiny bit over the clip. make sure that when it's open, you can close it by snapping it, like a normal clip. if you can't, trim a little off.

Step 6: Yay! You're Finished!

Congrats, you just made a stylish yet el-cheapo hair clip! to put it in your hair just put some hair in it and clip the top over the bottom like a normal clip. enjoy!

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