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Hello everybody, followers and members alike! Most of you visit this site frequently, as do I. Although this is my go-to app, I haven't posted anything in over a month! Those of you patient viewers who have been awaiting something, the time has come! I present to you the cute yarn butterfly!

You may (or may not) be wondering how I came across this cute little accessory, but I will tell you the story anyways. About three months ago, I had attempted to make a round loomed hat for my mother's friend's newborn daughter. I gave up after a while because of the school season starting up again and my limited time. So last night, I was on Instructables, just looking at one of my favorite member's page, jessyratfink. I saw her ADORABLE slouchy hat, and thought, hey, I should make this! Well, after some time, I did make it! And I loved it! I decided to pick up a forgotten pastime and made a smaller hat for the newborn daughter of my mom's friend.

I finished a few hours ago, and after examining the hat, I did not think it cute enough for the sweet infant. Of course, I went onto Instructables ASAP, keeping my eyes peeled for cute accessories for this hat. I found so many, but my skill level for crocheting and knitting is a big fat goose egg (or a 0, you could say). This lead to a small little craft that just popped into my head. So, after a long awaited tutorial from yours truly, I give you all the cute yarn butterfly, skill level 0. Enjoy!

P.S. I inserted the link for jessyratfink's slouchy hat where the text "slouchy hat" is in orange. Thank you so much Jessy!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

There are only a few things you'll need for these 2-minute butterflies, including:

2 colors of any sized yarn- scissors- ruler (optional)- "agile" fingers

Simple enough, I hope! Since you know have those materials, let's not wait any longer to make this cute and easy yarn butterfly!

Step 2: Snip, Snip!

In this step, you will simply cut the appropriate amount of yarn for your butterfly's wings. There are a few things you may want to take into consideration before you cut your chosen length of yarn. These include but are not limited to:

how easy it will be actually tie everything together- why you're making this (for example, you could be making a hat; you would most likely cut a longer pose of yarn for this)- how thick your yarn is- how big you would like this butterfly to be

Honestly, who is going to take this all into consideration when you just want to make the butterfly already? Just cut the yarn according to your liking (mine was approximately six inches long) and get ready for the next step (the next step requires agile fingers, if you were wondering).

Step 3: Feeling Knotty, Are You?

This step is the most difficult out of this whole entire butterfly-making process. That is because you have to tie the ends of your wing-string (I made that rhyme), which could be a little bit tricky. So basically, in this step, you will be tying a regular knot using the ends of your wing-string (see pictures for extreme clarification, please).

Side Note: Please excuse me for my lack of elaboration on this step. It's pretty straightforward, so you should be able to do this. Again, I apologize for my underdeveloped step!

Step 4: Make Some Wings!

Now comes the fun part! In this step, you'll finally get to create the wings! This part is especially special because the size is based upon a powerful thing...inside your mind...called your...


Oh, yeah! You get to use some imagination on this one! So what you do it you take your now circular shaped yarn and twist. Twist and pull until the size of the wings are to your standard. Have fun imagining the endless possibilities of sing sizes...

Step 5: Cut the Body

Another beautiful thing about this project is that it has so many steps where you can mix it up and add your own twist to it... I'm only saying this cheesy stuff because this is yet another "IIY" step. "IIY" is the acronym I just came up with for "Imagine It Yourself". So, cut the string for your body, using your ruler of you must. Think about what size you want the antennae to be before cutting this string.

Step 6: Squeeze, Tie, And... Don't Fly

You're almost done! Now, wrap the body string around your wings a few times. Leave the two ends sticking up at one side of your butterfly, as shown.

Step 7: Make Some Antennae and Snip

Now, tie the antennae a couple of times, making them stick straight up. Then cut them to your desired length... Get ready for the grand reveal of the next step...


Okay, I had the title backwards, but that's okay! Who cares? Because now you're done! You can now fully enjoy your butterfly! Some ideas I have for my little precious(es) are to sew them to bracelets, headbands, and, most importantly, the baby's cute hat!

Thank you all so much for viewing, and please forgive me for my unsteady flow of Instructables lately. Have a Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays! Cheers!- LPT

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No problem! Post a picture when you're done, because I'd love to see it! Good luck and Happy Holidays!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Ashley! Any idea when your Espeon pillow will be done? I'm overcome with anticipation! I can't wait=)