Introduction: Cutest Heartbeat Robot

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What is the first thing that came into your mind, when you see an ultrasonic-sensor?

Those look like eyes. Don't they?

So based on that i've build a little Robot made from Aluminium, Wood and some basic electronics.

If you like it, please vote for me :)

This cute guy was a present. The idead behind it was to give away my heart(beat).

The LED beats in a heartbeat-way. It is powered by USB-Power. We've attached it to our TV :)

Want to build one? Well ... some parts are hard to get hands on, but if you live in europe, you could have luck.

And, if you can't find it, just ask me.

Lets start...

Step 1: Parts and Tools

The body and head are made from aluminium-profile. It's 40/40 an 35/35mm.

Sideparts are 1mm aluminium.

The head needs to be bigger than the body to get a better "kindchenschema".

I don't know the translation for it, so here is the wiki-link ->

And translated link:

Big Head, Big Eyes etc ... just Baby-like.

Eyebrows are made from desoldering-copper.

Eyes are LEDs in an ultrasonic-sensor.

One more pink LED for the heart.

Those little screws in the body are allen screws.

Arms are from Road-Signs. Yeah, those will be the hardest part to find, i know. We use them as endcaps in steetsigns for bikeroutes.

Old USB-ports for the feets.

Screws, screw-topcover-threads (for good looking), some wood, glue, hotglue.

One Arduino, some wire and 3 resistors.

Step 2: The Eyes and the Head (hardest Part)


Get an ultrasonicsensor to destroy it.

Turn it around and drill a hole exactly between the soldering points. (picture 3)

Then desolder the points und pull the aluminiumbody off. Dismantle the parts.

Push your LED through it and glue the parts.

It's not easy to get it right at the first time. But those sensors are quite cheap.


Drill two tiny holes and push some wire/wick through and get some solder on it.

Cut a piece of copper-desolder and press it on your solderfull-wick.

The solder should melt and the copper should get stuck.

You need a high temperature, because the aluminium-head is a good thermal conductor.

Big Holes:

You need to drill big holes for the eyes. I've used a sinker (german: senker), which gives it a nice look.

(picture 5)

Inner parts:

A piece of wood, which just fits into the head. I drilled small holes to route the wires, but that wasn't my best idea. Drill a bigger one. That will make things easier, i think.

Step 3: Body and Arms


I've drilled three tiny holes. You can drill whatever you want.

They are filled with hot-glue, to get a smooth light.

Nuts 'n bolts:

Those four allen srews are just decorative. Not needed, but looking good.


As said, i took those from streetsigns. But take whatever you have.

Don't make a shoulder joint. Screw it more in the middle.


The head and the body are mounted with a little screw which joints into the wood in the head.

Wires need to get out in the back.

One more screw in the bottom helps to fix everything.

Step 4: Feeds and Detailed Parts


Those USBs are from an old PC and just glued to the bottom.

I'm using doublesided duct tape from 3M.

The cap on the left is just for a better stand.


In picture 2 you see a "topcover - thread". I got mine from "wolk direct".

You don't need them, but they help.


You can sink your drilled holes. I didn't have much luck with that, because the aluminium is just 1mm.

Step 5: Arduino


I have choosen pin 9 and 10 for the eyes and pin 7 for the heart.

So you need two resistors at pin 9 and 10.

I wanted them to be outsides, just to have a more interesting look.

The last resistor for the heart is inside the body.

I don't have any pictures of the way i wired the inner parts. But you have to play around with this part anyways.

You can always dismantle the most parts.

ino attached

Thank you for reading.

And as mentioned in the beginnig, i would be glad if you vote for this little guy.

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