Introduction: Cutting Board Tortilla Press

I have a pretty small kitchen and that means limited cabinet space. This forces me to pick and choose my kitchen utensils wisely.

For how often I make tortillas, I just couldn't justify taking up a bunch of space with a tortilla press.

Not only that, I have used some cast iron presses with warped faceplates which makes creating a tortilla of uniform thickness pretty hard.


This is a quick way to create a tortilla press out of objects you already have in your kitchen.

Step 1: Tools

Cutting Board (2)

Ziplock Bag (Gallon)



Tortilla Dough

Step 2: Cut Bag

  • Cut the two sides of the ziplock bag.

This bag is going to line the inside of your press for easy removal of tortillas.

Step 3: Set Up

  • Take your ziplock bag and cover the bottom cutting board with half of it.
  • The middle of the bag should line up with the edge of the bottom board.
  • Put dough ball in middle of board and tamp down slightly.
  • Flip ziplock over the top of dough ball.

Step 4: Press

  • Take the second board and press down on top of dough ball.
  • Try to keep pressure even.
  • Remove top board.


Note: You may have to rock back and forth a little to spread dough out to a tortilla thickness.

Step 5: Peel Tortilla

  • Peel the top half of ziplock away from the tortilla.
  • It should peel away easy. If not, your dough is too wet.
  • Pick up bottom half of ziplock with tortilla and press up on edge slightly to raise tortilla away from the plastic.
  • Carefully peel tortilla away and set aside.


Repeat with remaining dough balls.

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