Introduction: Cutting Board in School

making a cutting bored step by step

Step 1: Safety

safety is number one priority on the work site

Step 2: Tools and Gear Needed

the kit you will need to build a cutting board is a chop saw, a

table saw, a belt sander, a hand sander, a router and a C and C machine and plainer and glue and clamps.

Step 3: Find Wood

find a wood material that is the desired and semi flat

Step 4: Cut Wood

cut wood into desired lengths i cut the wood into 12 inch pieces and then i cut them into 1.5 inch strips

Step 5: Gluing

to glue the strips together you need to turn them on the side lather them in lots of glue flip back to original position and then push together and then clamp the wood nice and tight

Step 6: Sanding

so after the bored is glued its all bumpy with glue so you need to plan the bored in the planner and then use the cNc machine to machine down the bored smooth

Step 7: Route

use the router to make the edges of the bored round

Step 8: Finish Sand

use really fine grit sand paper and make it supper smooth

Step 9: Laser Engrave

use a cNc laser engraver to engrave an image if wanted

Step 10: Oil

use mint oil and rub lots of oil all over it and do multiple layers