Introduction: Cutting Glass With TechShop

What you need

Glass Cutter (TechShop)
Glass oil
Straight Edge
Tape measure
Safety glasses

Cutting glass is really easy to do. There are just a few tricks that you need to know.

Getting you glass cutter ready. I use an oil glass cutter. The oil helps proctored the cutting edge and run smoother over the glass. When filling the glass cutter, only put in what you need. The oil will leak out and you will waste oil. You can buy oil at a local stain glass store, or on-line and the small bottle will go a long way.

Step 1: Scoring the Glass

I cut glass to fit into a frame that I made. You want to measure and mark that glass; I used a Sharpie to mark the glass. I had a piece of Masonite that I used as the straight edge. When you line up the straight edge beware of the off set of were the cutter wheel is too the side of the cutter. Holding the glass cutter like a pencil, holding the straight edge in place, score the glass with firm pressure. Only make one pass with the glass cutter, never making two pass with the glass cutter. When scoring the glass you are making a weak point in the glass.

Step 2: Braking the Glass

Once the score is made, I put a pencil under the score and put lightly on one side of the glass. If the glass doesn’t break easily don’t force it. When scoring the glass you are making a weak point in the glass.

You may want to get a pair of glass piles, or with thicker glass you can use a ball nose hammer. When you are cutting mirror glass, score on the reflective side and not the painted side. Do not try and cut tempered glass it will not cut and break into pieces.