Introduction: Cutting Hair: Dorm Edition

This step by step process will only teach you how to line-up your own hair or someone else hair. The detailed explanation will go into deep description on how to cut hair also. But for now just sit back and take in a general explanation on how to cut hair. Cutting hair takes patience and practice but its not as difficult as it seems.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The first step to successfully prepare for cutting your own hair or someones else's hair is to gather your materials. You should place all the materials in one area so that you aren't scrambling looking for anything that takes your attention or focus off the task at hand. The materials here are a hair brush, hair come, Adnis clippers and T-liner.

Step 2: Clean the Materials

The next thing you want to do is to clean the materials. Before and after you use these essentials you should ALWAYS clean them. The easiest way to clean a comb and a brush is to run them under hot water and spray it down with oil sheen. To clean the clippers and liner, you should use rubbing alcohol and oil/hair sheen and spray the blades. DO NOT soak the blades just one of two sprays is enough.

Step 3: Comb/Brush the Edges of Your Hair.

To make sure that the cut your giving is a clean and straight cut you should comb and/or brush the edges of your hair making sure that you can easily cut them.

Step 4: Follow the Line

If you look closely there should be an imaginary line to follow around the edge of your hair or whomever's hair your cutting. To find that line you can use a straight edge or comb and line it parallel to the their hair and use it as your guide. You follow that line slowly and precisely. Line the end/blades of the T-liner parallel to the imaginary line of your hair or persons hair.

Step 5: Keep the Blade on the Line

From the time you start lining your hair to the time you end, you should never drift from the imaginary line always follow it and use your comb or straight edge to guide your self.

Step 6: Continue to Brush/Comb

As you circulate around your head or someone else's continue to brush and/or comb the edges to get a accurate line to cut, and so you don't push the hair line back.

Step 7: Spray Oil/Hair Sheen As You Finish

When you have successfully lined the edges you should spray oil/hair sheen on the hair. The hair should be as shiny/glossy as the gentlemen's hair is in the above picture.

Step 8: Clean the Materials

Once you have finished clean the materials once again, to keep you from exchanging bacteria from you to other people.

Step 9: