Introduction: Cutting a Heatpipe Heatsink!

I made a Peltier based cooler for food to use in my car.

It works very well but the inside cold heatsink is too big. I want to be to store my food. Here is how I did that.

Step 1: Getting to Cutting.

Using just a hacksaw blade I went ahead and cut all 8 heatpipes. Some small volume of liquid came out. The cutting was easy enough to do.

Step 2: Separation!

Here the insides of the heatpipes are seen. What a waste of the now unused heatsink!

Step 3: Cleaning Up.

Using damp paper towels I cleaned up the debris from cutting. Now the cooler is ready for service.

Step 4: Testing!

Using the 12volt 10amp power supply adapter, I powered up the modded cooler and let it run for 15mins. A delta T of 10C. That works for me!