Introduction: Cutting Cord Without a Knife

This instructable will show you a way to cut parachute cord (550 cord) with no tools other than the cord itself.

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need:
-Parachute Cord, also known as 550 cord because it is rated to 550 lbs. Usually sold in 100 foot and 1,000 foot lengths This is available at outfitting stores or online. I usually shop here The cord is very useful and should be included in any survival kit.
- A sturdy place to secure the cord. A couple of friends holding the rope is great! lacking that, tie to a couple posts/tree/etc.
-Elbow grease, provide your own or use your social engineering skills to convince someone else to try it.

Step 2: Setup

1.Attach the cord to one or two points leaving plenty of slack between them. The more slack the better. another length of cord (which can be part of the cord leftover past the points if the cord is long enough) so that it lays over the cord that is hanging.
3. take the second length of cord into each hand with plenty of slack.

Step 3: Cutting the 550 Cord

Get a good grip on the second length of cord. By running the one cord over a single point on the first cord, the friction will melt the nylon and split it into two pieces. It helps to have more slack on the cord you are cutting so that you are only pulling on one point. This can also be done by wrapping the cord around your foot and stepping down if there aren't any anchor points available. I first learned this trick as a challenge. I was handed a piece and told to split it into two pieces without any metal object or a lighter. Challenge your friends, use it as a team building exercise, or use it the next time your stuck in the middle of nowhere and you have to cut a piece of cord.