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Introduction: Cyber Mask Mod

Hello everybody!!
this is my first instructable. This time i brought to you a simple cyber mask with led effects.
it has made in 5 hours aprox.
be the coolest cyber in de dark rave party!
this mask was created for my brother; Yes, we are twins, as you can see in the last photo.

so enough talk, let's see the steps.
(sorry my english, but i am from Chile)

Step 1: Materials

What do we need?

- 1 protective breath mask
- a piece of breadboard of 3x3 cm aprox.
- 1 NE555 IC
- 1 1uf Cpacitor
- 1 1K resistor
- 1 210K resistor
- 1 1.8K resistor
- Blue Leds (high bright)
- cutter
- 1 9V battery & Holder
- dual marked cable (to identify positive from negative)
- Patience

Step 2: First Step, the Schematic.

This is the schematic of the project,
it has two blue leds conected directly, so they bright always (this will be connected to both sides of mask, under the inner air conduct.

the third led is connected to the 555 IC, plugged as an astable oscilator, so this make posible this led to blink.

each led, has a 280 ohm resistor to prevent it to be burned by 9V battery.
Try changing the values of R2 and C1 to make it blink faster or lower.

Step 3: Putting the Breadboard Inside Mask.

Once you are ready with the breadboard, its time to fit it inside the mask.
i made two holes in the breadboard and the mask for screws. So it gets hardly to drop out from the mask while your dancing. or running. who knows.

The battery holder goes inside the mask. There are a little room in the lowest part of the mask, so the battery will lay there.

the two direct leds are in the sides of mask.

once you'r ready it's time for details.

Step 4:

I found this old disfunctional keyboard, and stole this plastic layout from him. it is good for visual effects.

I cut a circle, so it will close the main filter of the mask, where the blinking led is. it works great, as it has some traslucent effect.

the rest, i let it to you imagination.
try different details.

i hope it has liked you all.


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Oh i meant to ask....... can you make a tutorial on the goggles maybe? Id love to make those too :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Wow this is amazing. I have never made anything like this... but there is a first time for everything! Im having a glow in the dark/neon party soon and this will be perfect.... im excited to start making this


    10 years ago on Introduction

    this is very cool...the only bad thing is the switch kinda stands out...if you incorperate it intot eh desighn maybe a twisty knob on the side or a switch that goes on by twisting the filter (pretty easy to adapt/ make :D) and also a christmas light box control thing with different flashing styles could be hacked for an even cooler effect :D


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    the pictures are low quality, sooner i will post another proyect, but with more pictures...