Introduction: Cybertruck Wheel

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Andy decided to create a CYBETRUCK wheel instructable and YouTube tutorial so other kids can Make and enjoy.



Step 1: Add the Wheel

First go to shape generators and click all then go to the top and click the wheel and select the pop up where it says bore hole click spin hub.

Step 2: Fill It Up

Go back to basic shapes and click cylinder then place it inside and drag it around to fill-up the wheel.

Then go to the bottom and drag the cylinder base up so that it doesn't fill the connector hole.

Step 3: Group It

Drag your mouse around the wheel and click group.

Step 4: Add Spokes

Go back to shape generator and select the Radial Fins in Shape Generators (all).

Place it in the middle of the wheel and follow these steps;

- Click on the fins and select one in the pop-up properties window

- Go to sections and type seven

- Drag and place on top of the tire to mimic the Cybertruck wheel appearance

- Change the thickness to 2.5 millimeters

- Go to the bottom and raise the bottom of the radial fins to prevent it from interfering with the spinning hub and the wheel can spin freely.

Step 5: Adding the Heptagon Element

Since I couldn't find a heptagon shape, I suggest using the Icosahedron from Basic Shapes.

Simply place it in the middle and center everything then group all elements and change the color to black.

Step 6: Final Step - Happy 3D Printing

At this point you can simply add the Rotating Ball from the Connectors menu and print it together. This will allow you to install it on the truck and spin freely.

For a step-by-step tutorial, please see this YouTube clip I put together.

Don't forget to follow for future projects and tutorials.

Thank you!!

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