Introduction: Cycling/Running Gel Bar Pouch

Here I will teach you how to make a gel cycling and running pouch for a family member or friend that cycles or runs.

Make sure the person you are designing for has a pair of old jeans that they are willing to give you and that the jeans are no more than 2 sizes too big or small for them.

Step 1: Cut Off the Waistband

Step 2: Remove Belt Loops

Step 3: Cut Out Both Back Pockets

Step 4: Wrap Button Around Seat Tube and Mark Where Button Meets Belt

Step 5: Draw a Line From Marking With Same Width As Button.

Step 6: With Scissors, Cut Out Marked Line.

Step 7: Stitch Around Cut With Needle and Thread, to Avoid Further Tear.

Step 8: Insert Button to Hole. If Too Small, Cut Bigger Hole. If Too Loose, Add Stitches to Tighten.

Step 9: Bring Other End of Waistband Around Head Tube of Bike and Pull Taut.

Step 10: Mark Out Line on Waistband, Inside Button Hole.

Step 11: Cut Out Square Around Fly Button.

Step 12: Stitch Button Onto Previous Marking, on Edge of Square.

Step 13: Check Button Is Secure.

Step 14: Cut Belt Loops to Width of Waistband, Plus 1cm.

Step 15: Draw a Line From Centre Top Pocket to Centre Bottom Pocket.

Step 16: Sow Pocket Together, Along Marked Line.

Step 17: Arrange Components As Image Shows, Mark Out Each Ends of Belt Loops.

Step 18: Stitch Belt Loops to Marked Line.

Step 19: Repeat Process to Other Pocket.

Step 20: Cut Off Any Material Outside the Width of the Waistband.