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Introduction: Cylon Pumpkin!

Here is a quick cylon pumpkin we did for Halloween this year. It consists of an LED light board that I recovered from a failed disco floor project.. and a pumpkin =) Stats are:

PIC18F2550 microcontroller with USB
12 MAX7313 pwm led controllers for a total of 192 (64 cells with individual r/g/b surface mounted 603 leds)

The MAX7313s are on an I2C bus, which makes controlling an arbitrary number of leds remarkably easy. Just make sure that if your microcontroller runs at something other than 3.3v then run the I2C bus at the higher of the two voltages! (found that out the hard way)

The leds were arranged on the board in a hex pattern, which actually worked out pretty well to fit the V-shaped eye of the cylon centurions from the new series. I just hardcoded the microcontroller with the eye scan sequence so I didn't have to have a computer connected.

Here's some goofy videos :)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Your project was an inspiration! We added sound and trip sensor to a similar Cylon Pumpkin. Check out my write-up here: