Introduction: Cymbal Clock

I had a old nascar clock and junk cymbals from my first set.they were taking up space when i had the idea of making a Cymbal clock.way to reuse the materials

Step 1:

-aluminum can
or wall hanger thing
-gorilla glue

Step 2: Disassembaly

remove the hands off the clock by poping them off.Remember what hand was on the bottom usally the hour. then if you choose you can paint the hands or keep them the same.Pop the design paper out and keep it for later.

Step 3: Fitting

once you have the gear box out put it inside the crown of the cymbal.then put the nut and washer back on and see if the box stick out enough.if the box doesnt stick out enough and the nut doesnt go back on sand the gear box downtill it fits.

Step 4: Numbering

take the paper backing of the old clock and use a ruler to extend the line of the numbers and put a dot were the number would be. then take your dremal with the sanding wheel and sand the numbers.

Step 5: Hanging

you can drill a hole in the cymbal or add a hook in the back you can make the hook out of an alukinum can ad gorilla glue it on the back.then you can hang your clock and admire your work while time ticks away.Please comment.