Cypherbot (an Assistant Robot)

Introduction: Cypherbot (an Assistant Robot)

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Cyphersoft is an assistant robot that can be your friend and help you while you work. It can talk and walk. You can customize and use it for anything you can imagine. Now you can make an intelligent robot with just an Arduino and Raspberry Pi.If you have any suggestions to improve this robot then please suggest in comments


1.Raspberry Pi (any model will work except zero)

2.L293D IC or L293D Motor driver shield

3.USB Mic

4.Raspberry Pi TFT Screen(3.5 inch)

5.MDF Board or Cardboard

6. Servo motors (x6)

7. B.O. Motors (x 6 or 4 )

8.Glue Gun

9.Arduino(any model will work)

10.USB Webcam

Step 1: Designing

Any chassis will work

The face design template is given above

Step 2: Code

Download the code using the following command

git clone

open the cypherbot folder and copy the folder contents in the home directory

Step 3: Installing Dependencies

Enter Following commands:

1.chmod +x


Step 4: Configuring the Audio Settings

Follow the following steps-

1.Enter following command- sudo nano /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf

2.Scroll down until you find the lines

defaults.ctl.card 0

defaults.pcm.card 0

3.Change them to

defaults.ctl.card 1

defaults.pcm.card 1

4.Press ctrl+x and press y to save configuration

Step 5: Circuit

Circuit diagram for the robot

Step 6: Motor Assembly

Step 7: Assembling the Robot

Step 8: Upload the Ino File to Arduino From Cypherbot Folder

Step 9: Run the Python Script to Make Robot Work

Run command-python3

The robot will start running

If anyone faced a problem making this then please let us know in comments so we can help

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