D-Link Wireless Router DIR-628 Setup [Without CD]




Introduction: D-Link Wireless Router DIR-628 Setup [Without CD]

Most, if not all, wireless routers can be set up without the software they come with. Here are the step by step instructions for most D-Link Wireless routers, but more specifically the DIR-628.

Step 1: Preparation for Setup

Assuming you just purchased the router, open the package and remove the Wireless Router, A/C Adapter, and the Ethernet Cable. You can leave the CD inside the packaging, you won’t be needing that.

Now before you start unhooking everything take just a second to identify what you have, and where you want to place the router. Your computer should either be connected directly to a Cable/DSL Modem, OR a switch which is plugged into the Modem. If your computer is plugged directly into the modem move to step 2, if not keep reading. If your switch is 5 ports or less you can remove it from the equation and just set it aside because the DIR-628 has 4 slots for hardwiring computers into the network. If you need more than those 4 slots just connect the router to the switch.

Step 2: Connecting the Router

Computers without switches – Unplug the Ethernet cable going from the modem to the computer. Use the short Ethernet cable provided with the router to connect the router to the modem. Use the cable going from your computer (the one you just unplugged) and insert that into either of the 1-4 switch ports on the wireless router. Finally give the modem power with the A/C adapter,

 Computers with switches of 5 ports or less – Completely remove old switch, and plug everything into the wireless router. Make note that the Ethernet cable coming directly from the cable/dsl modem must be pluged into the Ethernet slot on the router and not one of the switch ports.

 Computers with pre-existing wireless routers – match port for port.

Step 3: Wireless Setup and Configuration Pt. 1

Now that the Wireless Router has been successfully plugged in, you’ll need to open up your Internet browser. Any should work, but I recommend “Internet Explore” for the initial setup. In the URL bar type “” select Go, or hit enter on your keyboard. When the page loads you will see the login page for your router. Type in the password for the administrator which is “admin” and proceed to the next screen

Step 4: Wireless Setup and Configuration Pt. 2

In the top left hand corner of the tabs you’ll see one that says “setup” select it. Afterwards the tabs on the left-hand side change, select Wireless Settings. In the center of the screen there will be 3 options to choose from. Select the bottom which say “Manual Wireless Network Setup”

Step 5: Wireless Setup and Configuration Pt. 3

Your basic wireless network settings are in this screen. First, give your wireless router a name that you can recognize it by. Secondly, select a type of Security Mode. WEP-Personal should be efficient for most people’s usages. After that is selected a new window at the bottom appears.Type your password in the Pre-Shared Key, scroll to the top and hit save, and that’s all there is to it.

Hope this helps, please leave comments with any questions you might have or helpful bits of information. 

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    4 years ago

    This takes you to a new page, that we do not have a screenshot of. First, you need to change the default Wireless Network Name to one of your choosing. This is the name you give your network so that you can find it again later. To learn more about this topic,reaf our <a href="https://productriver.com/best-wireless-routers">best wireless routers 2017</a>


    You can also change the Wireless Channel. To do this, you need to uncheck the box that reads Enable Auto Channel Scan. Then in the Wireless Channel box, choose from the channels of 1,6, and 11. These are the only channels you should be using. To learn more about these three channels, read our guide by clicking this .


    5 years ago

    D link router doesn't require any software CD.

    Type in the address bar (make sure the router is connected) then new page opens now give user id and password as 'admin' then log in.
    select set up menu->create new connection->
    Fill up the form give vpi = 0, vci = 35 and give correct user id and password given by service provider and select the connection type as PPoE apply.
    Now select tools->system commands->save all .
    then on same window select restart.
    Now yours router is configured .
    Now u can use the Internet. if this does not work than visit d-link support and they will help fixing it visit http://d-link.technical-care.com/ and let me know if you need any help


    5 years ago

    very easy just reset the router and visit http://goo.gl/O2cYXP . i hope that will help


    6 years ago on Introduction

    for setting up all type of wifi routers without using cds

    following steps to be followed :-

    1. set u all the possible wiring between modem and the router/ B/w the router and the pc incase of modemwith intergrated wifi.

    2.switch it on.

    3.now open the internet browser(chrome,opera,explorer etc.)

    4. Type the default gateway address descripted at the back of your router (generally something) ;in the address bar of your browser and press enter.

    5.now the popup message will ask for username and password .

    generally usname and pass. are both to be written admin.

    6. now the default page of the router will get opened .

    7. now run the quick setup and follow the further instuctions.

    8. each inormation should be entered properly and ur wifi router will start working .

    thanks for reading.

    if any addition help is required email me on sukhs094@gmail.com

    I have D- Link modem with Router (Wireless N 150 ADSL2 + Router) but I cannot manage to access wifi with the Router anyway.

    Model No. DSL- 2730U

    S/N. QX261DC502204

    Please tell me the steps to connect wifi. My email id is soumyadeepghosh25@gmail.com

    Thank you


    Reply 6 years ago

    Is the your first time setting it up? If it's not then you may need to reset the router via the button on the back.

    Is it the same router? This model is no longer sold to my knowledge. Perhaps the password is now: Admin, admin, password, Password, or even perhaps Admin123.

    Let me know if this helps.