D4E1 - Flexible Engineering : Ice Cream Aid (Basic Edition)

Introduction: D4E1 - Flexible Engineering : Ice Cream Aid (Basic Edition)

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Hi everyone !

We are three students studying Industrial Product Design in Kortrijk and the Netherlands. For our subject CAD IV we were assigned to improve an existing project called the Ice Cream Aid. First of all a small context of the product :

The Ice Cream Aid was designed for people who suffer from tetraplegia, a condition where the limbs have a lower strength. This decease makes it very difficult to eat ice creams without letting it slip out of their hands.To overcome the problem the product was designed a few years ago by some students studying Industrial Design at the university of Ghent. The product at that time consisted out of a set of rings which need to be slided on both index and middle finger.

Our task was to improve the design and make the Ice Cream Aid parametric in a way that particular dimensions can be adjusted by the user itself. Therefore we made a redesign of the ring on which different attachment pieces can be applied. This makes it possible for people not to only enjoy a Magnum but also other types of ice cream such as Cornettos and ice cream buckets.

A little explanation concerning the Basic Edition :

Step 1: Basic Edition : Tools and Programs

For the Basic Edition we chose to work with 3D - printed parts. This makes it easily accessible for people who want to have an Ice Cream Aid.

What you need :

- STL - files (these are that files that are compatible to 3D - print)

- Custom made program : "Programma Ijsjeshulp 2018 "(to select the ring and attachment pieces)

- Local 3D - Hub or your own 3D-printer

(- Siemens NX)


For the part files maybe a small explanation because the files are in Dutch and it's hard to change names of Siemens NX files.

Basisstuk = Ring of the Ice Cream Aid

Koppelstuk 1 = Magnum attachment piece

Koppelstuk 2 = Ice Cream Bucket attachment piece

Koppelstuk 3 = Cornetto attachment piece

Link to 3D hubs :


Step 2: Basic Edition : Overview of All Available Parts

Step 3: Basic Edition : Choose Your Parts !

You now have two options to choose your parts. You can use the Zip- file containing all the parts or simply use our custom made program to decide which pieces you want.

Step 4: Open the Program

The program gives an overview of all the available pieces.

Step 5: Choose the Pieces You Want

After you have decided which parts you want click on "samenpakken". The program will now convert the Siemens NX - files into printable STL - files. These will become available in a ZIP - folder.

Step 6: Open the Zip- File

When you open the folder " Resultaat" you will find your chosen files.

Step 7: Go With the STL- Files to a Local 3D-hub

Your parts are now ready to be printed ! Let the fun begin !

Step 8: Print Your Files

Overview of the results :

- The ring

- Attachment piece Cornetto

- Attachment piece ice cream bucket

- Attachment piece Magnum

Step 9: Enjoy Your Ice Cream !

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