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hey guys today you can learn to make a really awesome dagger through heart Halloween costume. when you go outside your house wearing this simple costume people would actually think that a dagger is through your heart . because in this intructable I will teach you to make the dagger so realistic that no one would believe his/her eye.

Step 1: Materials


Red and Black colour paints

paint brush

A scale

some glue

masking tape

aluminium foil


An old shirt


Step 2: Drawing the Dagger

take the cardboard and draw a dagger of your liking.then cut out the dagger.

make sure that the dagger's height (width) is not more than 4.5 cm's.

my dagger measures up to 19.5 cm's . but if yours is bigger (it shouldn't be shorter)than you have to measure it according to your requirements.

now place the scale starting from the handle to its other end and put a mark where 10.5 or 11 cm's is there.then put a straight line and cut the line .

Step 3: Making the Holder for the Dagger

take the cardboard and measure the length twice the length of the dagger plus 6 cm's .(if you think that might be to long then you can always cut it).and the width should be 5 cm's.then just cut it.

now take the cut out edge of the dagger and place it on the strap(holder and mark its length.make a line.

after that bend the holder and cut the line that you just made.

Step 4: Making the Dagger's Blade Shine

paint the handle of the dagger black.

then take the blade parts and wrap them in the aluminium foil and paste them with glue or tape.

Step 5: Painting the Blades Bloody

take red paint and just sprinkle or spread the paint casually.and you are done.

Step 6: Attaching the Blades on Their Holder

just insert the blades through the lines and tape them.

Step 7: Making It Look Real

take the old shirt and near the area of your heart measure 5 cm's and cut it out.

then insert the the dagger along with its holder into the shirt .remember the holder goes above your shoulder.

and you are finished with your dagger through heart.hope it was useful.thank u.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done! It really look like you've got a knife sticking through you. Creepy!