Introduction: DC Skateboard AHa.

This is a long board, mainly used to play DC or simple technical movements, such as freestyle flat flower & slide. And this one is mainly designed for beginners or people who have been getting started for a short time, and girls don't feel heavy when they use it.On the basis of the ordinary long plate, a protective film and a lamp are added to make it more convenient to use.

Step 1: The Wheels and Cushions of the Skateboard Are Designed First.

This wheel is very simple. It is formed by punching on the basis of the cylinder, with the red part as a bearing to prevent dust from entering.The cushion is a simple square that acts as a cushion. This step is the simplest.

Step 2: And Then Set Up a Skateboard Bracket.

The bracket is the most important part of the skateboard. This part is very tedious, it is constructed through many basic shape deformation, drilling, grouping and so on. Here, the white part of figure 2 is the added protective film, which is a nylon polymer, which can not only prevent dust from entering the gap, causing inconvenience such as steering, but also increase elasticity and facilitate some ultimate actions. Its function is similar to that of a spring. But it's more durable and saves space.

Step 3: Add a Little Idea to the Bracket

In addition to the protective film, a small light bulb can also be embedded in front of the bracket, which facilitates taxiing at night and increases the safety index.

Step 4: And Then We Put It Together.

The surface of the skateboard is also spliced through the foundation shape, plus a series of adjustments to the upwarping angle. Then we put the parts together and the skateboard is finished!

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