Used old wood to make cutting board

Step 1: Cutting Board

Step 2: Step 1: Gather Materials

Find the type of wood you want

Step 3: Step 2: Cut Your Wood

After finding the type of wood you want set the table saw to 1 1/2 and cut pieces

Step 4: Step 3: Pick Pattern

After the wood is cut select the pattern you want

Step 5: Step 4: Glue Wood

Glue wooden strips together then clamp them and let dry

Step 6: Step 5: Run Through Plainer

After glue dried run through the plainer on one side to smooth it down

Step 7:

Step 8: Step 6:X-carve

After plaining one side put the board on the x-carve and smooth out both sides

Step 9: Step 7: Measure and Cut Corners

After the board is smooth measure what you want to cut off your edges then cut them off and then sand down smooth

Step 10: Step 8: Router the Edges

After corners are cut and sanded run the board through the router and carve the board

Step 11: Step 9: Final Sanding

Final sand with a high grit sandpaper to make board smooth

Step 12: Step 10: Laser Engrave

Find image and email to mr.b then run it through the engraver

Step 13: Step 11: Oil Board

After final sanding and board is engraved oil board

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