Introduction: DESK ORGANIZER: From Recycled Ribbon Spools

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I made this because my desk is always cluttered and I needed to get something to hold my stuff in one spot.  So, I thought, why not just make something?  Here is how I made my desk organizer.



hot glue & hot glue gun
ribbon spools
duct tape or anything you want to decorate your organizer with

Step 2: How to Make It

First, you get two empty spools of ribbon. Make sure they are different sizes and they have no ribbon on them.

Second, you cut two holes on the smaller spool, the top and bottom,  that are quarter size.   And one hole on one end of the bigger one.  This is the spot where pencils will be inserted.

Slice holes on the sides of the two spools for storage.

Next, you cover it with duct tape and decorate with pipe cleaners or ribbon.

Finaly, you add accessories. IT IS READY TO PUT ON YOUR DESK TOP.