Introduction: DHT11 Humidity Sensor With a Lcd Display Easy!!

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Hi, guys today we are going to make humidity sensor DHT11 work it with a LCD display.

It is not hard for a beginner just wiring the LCD display is the hard part.

So lets start:):):):):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Gather Your Body Parts

You will need :

1. DHT11 humidity sensor module

2. LCD display (i have given a code for I2C too)

3. Arduino (I used a UNO)

4. potentiometer

5. wires

Step 2: Join Your Body Parts

The DHT11 sensor pins are:

1. GND to GND

2. VCC to 5V

3. S to pin 11 (on the Arduino)

The LCD pins are:

LCD Pin # LCD PIN NAME Arduino Pin


2 VDD 5V

3 V0 Potentiometer Center Pin

4 RS 10


6 E 9

7,8,9,10 not connected

11 DB4 Pin 5

12 DB5 Pin 4

13 DB6 Pin 3

14 DB7 Pin 2

15 Backlight LED +V 5V

16 Backlight LED GND GND

The potentiometer left pin will go to 5V and right to GND

Step 3: GIve a Messege to Your Brian to Work

the codes are:

Step 4: Body Functioning Properly


plz follow me:):):):):):):):):)