Introduction: DICE GAME THING :p

Hello, the name is [REDACTED] and I'm going to show you how to make a DICE THING on the micro:bit.

(this is for the MYP3B Science Class)

So, what will you need to make this? You will need a...

  • Micro:bit
  • A computer
  • A few cables
  • A stable internet connection

Step 1: What to Do Now?

So you got everything that you needed, great! You can finally do stuff now.

First, ya gotta need to pull up some of those "categories" and click on the category "Basic". First, you press the blue icon with the text "On start". Then, press on "Show String" and drag it into the "On start" box. Then, inside the text box write whatever you want! Just keep it appropriate if you know what I mean ;).

That will be your start, and what will be the beginning of your very own dice game thing.

Step 2: Actually Making the Dice!

So, you got started with the project and here we are. Actually ma- sorry, coding the dice. Now, Let's start!

So, let's start by clicking and dragging the box named "On Button A pressed" and putting it out on the field [It's on category Input]. Then, go back to category Basic and click and drag on the box named "Show string" and put it inside the "On button A pressed" box.

Now, you go to category Math and get the box named "Pick random 0 to 10" and put it inside the "Hello!" text box inside the "show string" box. Then you change the numbers inside the box. Do you want a 20 sided dice? Write "1" in the first box and "20" the second.

So really, there ya go! You can repeat this process how many times, but remember to change the dice and Activation thingy. The next step is about flavor, just sayin'.

Step 3: Welcome to Flavour Town!

Welcome to flavour town, where we'll put some sweet tunes on our dice, I guess. Let's start!

Go to category Music and click and drag the box under the dice thing. Now, you just choose tones and notes and get more music boxes. So, I guess that's it.