Introduction: DIDGETS, Fidget Objects

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Hello world!
I’m publishing this project here because as a person with ADHD and a LEAN Product Designer, I want your help to test and create a better product for ADD/ ADHD-ers. I just launched my campaign and I want to share my 3D prototypes with you, so everyone in the world can 3D print them, enjoy them, benefit from them, critique them but most importantly have fun with them! :) I currently have a Kickstarter campaign going on to make them with high-quality materials like copper and marble, so they can have that nice, solid weight when you hold them in your hands and an awesome sharp look! If you want to order them you can also check them out at

DIDGETS: were born from my thesis project a 2 years ago, you can download my book and check out all my research, process and prototyping here

Well, let's start making!


3d printer, I can 3d print them for you,you can order them on my website or you can 3d print them at shapeways, or other resources online. (your call)

150 M Sandpaper 300 M Sandpaper 2000 M Sandpaper

Montana varnish spray Copper spray paint White spray paint Marble spray paint Rag

Elmer’s washable clear glue

Century springs (you can find them at Home Depot)

Mini Pushbutton Switch

Bare Copper wire

9.5 inch Skewer

Step 1: Download Files

Download the STL files and 3D print them, after you download them, your objects are going to have very sharp edges, don't fret! :) We'll sand them on the next steps.

There are 3 attachments for 3 fidget objects The Cubix, The Rolly and the Squishy.

Step 2: Sand Them!

We are gently going to use 150M sandpaper and sand the pieces, each Didget in circles. After that we are going to take a rag and clean them up.

Step 3: Clean Them Up a Bit More

It’s time to use the 300 M sandpaper, same deal we’ll sand them for 10 min in circles. Let’s use a rag to clean them up.

Step 4: Let's Make Them Perfect!

let’s use the 2000M sand paper, but this time we’ll use a bucket of water. Dip the sandpaper and slowly start sanding each piece! This will make your didgets look phenomenal. :) (you won’t even have to spray paint them) If you are happy with the outcome and won’t like to paint them skip to step 7

Step 5: Varnish

slowly we are going to use the varnish and spray them very gently all over. Let your didgets dry for at least 4 hours

Step 6: Step 6: Spray Paint Them

We are going to apply either the copper, marble or white spray paint, usually we’ll do this twice. You can also feel free and pick any other color you want. Here we are also going to paint the push button as well as the skewer.

Step 7: the Finale

For the Cubix let’s use the glue and apply it in the square cavity then drop the push button in it, also let’s cut the skewer with scissors and insert it in the smaller hole. For the Rollers let’s cut the copper wire and drop them in between the indentations. And finally for the Squishy let’s stick the spring into the rounded cavity of each half sphere part. All the parts should fit just right!

Enjoy and start fidgeting. :)

If you like to show me all your prints, want to collabo, have any questions or just want to say HI you can hit me up @belente on Twitter and Instagram, or leave your comments at