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I've taken 2 great ideas and put them together.

I wanted a super cool 'Word Clock' as seen here:

But I don't have those resources redily available.

But I do have a cheap photo frame and a little time. So I used this idea:

I put them together to make this Digital Word Photo Frame Clock. (See pic)

Though it is REALLY COOL to have a real/physical word clock (and I may yet make one when resources allow) this is a GREAT substitute!


Step 1: Setup

I've included my PDF of the 144 slides that make up 12 hours (no AM/PM indicator). You will need to "save as" .jpg and number appropriately to allow proper sequencing by the clock you are using.

This is the largest opportunity for variation. I've seen a zillion clock faces and I like so many of them. Use the image of the clock you like and photoshop the correct time onto it.

Step 2: Make It Go!

I'm using a Mustec model PF-A720BM photo frame that was regifted to me by my sister (free!).

Though I don't reccomend this model as it looses about 1 minute every hour.  If you have the time and ability do as Mahto instructed ( and build a lil circuit to advance the frame to the next photo.

I set the clock to advance to the next photo every 5 minutes, your mileage may vary but this is the menu that changes that setting for me. I just reset the clock every morning by advancing a few frames.

My favorite part is that should I tire of it, I can make a new clock face!

If you develop a cool clock face, let me know!