Introduction: DIP AND PAINT!

Do you love art and are always experimenting with colors? Or are you someone who can never get their way with paints? or someone who is bored with their everyday routine? No matter who you are ,as long as you love being creative, this instructable is definitely for YOU!

All you need to do is gather up some supplies, take out a little time, and follow the few below mentioned simple steps to get an artwork which is beautiful, unique, and totally your own!


1. Canvas (well, i myself took some old cardboard pieces and wrapped it up with the canvas fabric)

However, its NO compulsion that you gotta use canvas, you can use any kind of paper, or even cloth!

2. Acrylic paints

i have used white for the base and six other colors of my choice for the pattern, you can use as many as you wish!

3. Water

4. PVA Glue

5. Brushes

6. Cardboard piece (make sure that its size is greater than that of the canvas)

7. Palette or disposable cups(depending on the quantity of the paints you need)

Step 1: Preparing the Base Paint!

So we start by preparing the base paint.

To do this, we need to mix the acrylic paint (whichever color you choose, i have taken white) ,glue and water in equal proportions.

Mix this mixture well with the help of a brush. Take care that the mixture doesn't become too thin or too thick.

The quantity of the mixture to be prepared depends on the size of the canvas/paper/cloth that you choose, it should be sufficient to cover the entire surface.

Step 2: Preparing the Colors!

Now that we have the base paint ready, we can prepare the rest of the colors.

Time to get your favorite colors into the picture!

Mix the color, glue and water in equal proportions.

I have taken 6 colors, but you are free to choose as many as you wish and whichever you wish

Step 3: The Final Preparation!

Pour the base paint on the cardboard.

sprinkle the rest of the colors on the base paint in the amount and order that you wish!

Step 4: Dip Dip Dip!!

Dip your canvas into the paint you just poured over the cardboard.

Let it dry overnight.

Step 5: Dip Again!

You can get more than one of these beautiful patterns!

Step 6: Aaanddd DONE!!!

Admire your work!

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