Introduction: DIY 1-cut Instant Chainsaw Case $10

I needed a quick, simple, inexpensive way to store a couple of my son's chainsaws in my garage. No local retailers had a chainsaw box in stock, so I searched a while on the internet for ideas or a DIY for my specific needs. Instructables came through! I bought 2 Sterilite Industrial containers (12 gal), did some measuring, and cut an oblong hole about 1" from the bottom of the container.

Step 1: Cut and Finish the Hole

Materials / Tools:

  • 2 - 12 gal Sterilite Industrial containers (found at Walmart for < $10 each)
  • Safety glasses
  • Tape measure
  • Silver Sharpie & straight edge to mark the hole
  • Dremel drill with cutting wheel to cut the hole
  • box cutter to trim plastic in holeFiles to smooth the surface of the hole


Mark the hole for the chainsaw bar to fit through. About 2" from the side, and 1" up from bottom. The hole is about 6 inches high by 3/4" wide.While wearing your safety goggles, use dremel drill to cut the hole.Use box cutter and file to finish the hole.

Chainsaws that fit:

In my case, I have a 16" Husqvarna and 18" Stihl chainsaws. They both fit well - the Stihl is a tighter fit and is the one in the first picture.


The case is not waterproof. It is not heavy-duty. However, the lid is always attached to the container, and it will allow me to store bar & chain oil and other items in the container with the chainsaw. It will let me stack the chainsaws. The chainbar covers stay on because the width of the hole is small enough to hold them on the bar. Fluids are less likely to leak out of the container (with the 1" lip from the bottom). Hope this helps somebody else too!

Special Thank You's to:

Inspiring rugged simplicity:

Inspiring an enclosed case:

PS. This is my first Instructable posting.