Introduction: DIY $10 Computer/MP3 Speakers

In this video I show you how to make your own awesome speakers that will share music, impress friends, and let you listen to music on your desktop or laptop the way it was meant to sound. All you need is:
-2 speakers around 1 1/2" in diameter
-4 paper cups the same diameter as your speakers
-(1) 4w amplifier found here:
(1) small cardboard box such as a cell phone package
-Hot glue gun
-razor blade or x-acto knife

*written intructions: 
1-plug in all the cables in their appropriate sockets and put 4 non-included batteries in the power pack of the amplifier
2-(2x)cut off the included speakers from the audio cables of the amplifier
3-(2x) strip the ends of the audio cables and attach them (twisting the ends together works fine) to the two new speakers
4-(4x) Cut the bottoms of the cups out with a razor blade or x-acto knife
5-(2x) hot glue the speaker facing up with the cup up-side-down. The leads should go through a small hole in the side
6-(2x) Glue a second cup facing up on top of the speaker and first cup
7-Put the power pack and amplifier itself in the box with the wires running out
Now plug the audio jack into your desired device, press the on button, and enjoy you're awesome new homemade speakers!