DIY 10W LED Flashlight

Introduction: DIY 10W LED Flashlight

All you need is

  • a heatsink
  • 10W high power Led
  • 5W 1,5 Ohm resistor
  • LM 350 regulator
  • thermal compound
  • wires
  • 3s Lipo
  • a lipo connector
  • on/off switch
  • soldering tin
  • soldering iron
  • multitool

Step 1: Wire the Regulator

  • The LM350 regulator gives constant 1.2 volts between ADJ and Vout. Connect the two outputs with a resistor.
  • 1.2 (constant voltage of regulator) divided by 0,9 (900mA power consumption of LED) equals 1,33. The closest resistor value I have found is 1,5 Ohm, the output will be 800mA

Step 2: Connect LED

  • red wire goes to + of LED
  • blue wire goes to + of the battery through the on/off switch
  • green wire goes to - of the battery through the on/off switch

Step 3: Wire On/off Switch

  • wire the green (-) and blue wire (+) to the on/of switch
  • wire the lipo connector to the on/off switch

Step 4: Install the LED on the Heatsink

  • use thermal compound!

Step 5: Build a

  • Build a frame, you can use for example wood
  • Connect the lipo
  • Turn on the switch :-)

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    7 years ago

    Great project, but you should pay attention to a few stuff. If the battery you're using is dropping by 1 volt for example, then you're getting 11 volts on the LED, what is not cool, cause you're not going to use the Led's full bright (I noticed in the video that the power of the led is like 9v only, it should be way brighter). If you're not using 12 volts on the LED, then your heatsink could be a little smaller. For a way smaller heatsink, you can try using a heatsink with a 12v fan, it has like 60 millimeters of diameter only.
    It's more effective if instead of using an IC to drop the voltage with the resistor, you used a DC Driver for 10 watt LEDs. That driver can easily be found on ebay, it has an output of 12 volts and provides the exact amount of current that the 10w LED should receive, which is 950ma.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    nice project. but a few questions what voltage is the battery, how do you charge it and where did you get the led.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    a 3s lipo has a 11.1v nominal voltage. However, fully charged it s well above 12volt. A 4s lipo would be a better fit because the lm350 has a voltage drop and you get pretty close to the 12v the high power led needs. You get lipos and charger in rc shops like hobbyking. But you can also use batteries with more than 12volt. The high power led is easily available on ebay.


    8 years ago

    looks good. i am doing a 100w one right now. got a few good ideas here