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Introduction: DIY 1w Burning Blue Laser

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Hi! Today I'm going to show you how I made extremely powerful 1w blue laser. If you planing to make the same one, first thing you have to buy is laser safety goggles, because even the reflected rays can seriously damage your eyes. Be careful.

Step 1: Components

This laser has lots of similar with red one I used to made, few videos ago but also it’s about 5 times more powerful. We are going to need:

Laser protection Glasses -

Spet-down driver (6-14V DC) -
Spet-up driver (3.7-5.5V DC) -
445nm 1600mw Laser Diode -
Focusing Module -
Heatsink -
Glass lens -

Step 2: More About Components

Blue lasers become very popular last couple years, so our Chinese friend now making lots of different drivers for it, and just buy it is actually much easier and cheaper then make it by yourself. Because of specific of blue laser diodes it has to be powered with about 5V, so there are two types of drivers:
- step-down in case if you planing to use power supply over 5V for example two li-ion cells, this drivers simply limits the current,
- and step-up drivers in case if you want to use voltage lower than 5V, for example one 18650 battery, for me second one works better.

Laser diode is 1W 445nm, you can find more powerful diodes in the same body, a saw maximum 3W

I using the same focusing module as in red laser, it's cheap 5mw laser dot module, also many people recommend to use special glass lens instead of acrylic that we have in this module, but we are losing maximum about 5% of power, I making this laser to play with it for an hour and then I'll forget it in the closet for years, so for me 5% doesn't really matter, think by yourself. And last but not least - heat sink, I don't remember why I bought this one instead of this... But it works fine, would be better if I have thermal compound.

Step 3: Driver

First we have to read datasheets for diode and driver, my diode's operating current is 1Amp, and drivers seller said that default current of it is 1.3Amp which is too much, we need to check it and adjust, I solder 3.3Ohm resistor to the out of driver, that give as maximum 1.6Amp, connect power to the driver + is red, - is black, as you can see there is 1Amp limit, not 1.3 as seller said, but that's better for us, anyway, check your drivers before using.

Step 4: Laser Diode

Now let's take out old laser diode from the module and press our 1w monster.

Almost done, just solder diode to the drive and we're ready to turn it on, don't forget about goggles!

Step 5: Final

I'm not going to make a nice body for this laser, because I'm very lazy, and because I don't need that much power in my pocket.

Probably that’s all for today, like, share, subscribe, you now what to do, also you can check out my other videos

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    Question 3 years ago

    would it be possable to make a laser diode?


    5 years ago

    Haven't you thought about making 5 or 10 watt laser?

    And what about the ali seller? Is he normal?