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Introduction: DIY 2 Dof Drive Simulator

Well, at this post I will share my experience in creating a simulator drive with super low cost, I just need less than 2 million rupiah or 148 dollars in producing it. why is it cheap ????. It can be cheap because I use scrap or recycle. for more please read my tutorial

Step 1: Research & Design

Why do I put research and design in the first step instead of the item preparation? , because by prioritizing the mechanical design we can estimate what items we need to use, used for what simulator? plane? ship? or a car? in this tutorial i made a car simulator,

Design is very important in order to minimize errors and wasted items. although in its manufacture, I changed the design in mid step because it did not find the appropriate item. I use autodesk inventor 2013 to design it.

here is an example of my final drawing designl.

Step 2: Preparation Material

Look for examples on the internet to get imagination about the drive simulator. here I find a lot of different forms of drive simulator and think about the advantages and disadvantages. there's something I use and something I ignore.

Some items I use include iron hollow (used from the fence of the house, wiper motor (former motor car steering, U-joint coupling (former cardan truck, seat (former office chair, bolt and nut, power supply CPU supply, arduino mega + driver + potentiometer (new item) and the last is notebook.

the following picture where the material is installed

Step 3: Mechanical Manufacturing and Test Movement

In this step I make a drive simulator frame using hollow iron and U-joint cardan with welding, test movement using hand

Step 4: Actuators Manufacturing

In this step i make a transmission from the motor to the top frame drive simulator that moves using planar theory

Step 5: Movement Test With Simple Electronics

In this step i try whether the motor is strong enough to sustain my load by using a simple switch circuit with power supply

Step 6: Drive Simulator Test With Microcontroller

In this step i try to drive drive simulator using microcontroller. in this case I use motor actuator with continuous rotation, when should drive simulator move based on angle like servo motor. because of this problem i made wiper motor into servo motor using potentiometer as sensor and PID control as control.

In this microcontroller program I also have added the program to be able to directly control the frame frames over not just the motor angle. I use two planar kinematics theory to make it. you can see my video about this theory simulation using matlab in

in this test the result I can motorize according to the angle that I input it

Step 7: Integrate With Computere

In this step i tried to combine drive simulator with my friend's driving game which made with unity software


Step 8: Test Drive Simulator With Another Game

In this step I try to use live for speed (LFS) games and simtools that I got after joining I recommend this site for drive simulator research.

Some videos when I try with LFS

Step 9: Plan to Improve Drive Simulator

I should not display this because in this step only the design that I have not realized because I have no funds wkkwwk. maybe among friends there who can realize it, I will be very grateful.

Keep learning and trying friends

greetings from Indonesia

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