Introduction: DIY 2-Line RJ11 Triplex Phone Jack

Let the Christmas Bee teach you the Halloween telephone wiring code.

Why pay $$ for a new 2-line connector ? Just mod a no-namo in minutes.

Triplex 2-line connectors are handy for when you have two lines wired into one wall jack.

You can connect a 2-line phone to one jack, and also a single line caller-ID or other devices to lines 1 and 2.

The two pairs of phone wire are traditionally called the Christmas Pair (green and red) and the Halloween Pair (black and yellow).

Now green and red for the Christmas pair makes sense.

But tell me how black and yellow gets called the Halloween Pair ? Shouldn't it be the Bee Pair ?

The important part in phone wiring is to watch your polarity. Tip and Ring are the polarity names in the telephone game.

For Line 1, the Christmas pair, remember that Ring and Red both start with "R" so the Red wire is the Ring wire.

Now with Line 2, the Halloween pair, remember that a Bumblebee has yellow rings, so the Yellow wire is the Ring wire.

Don't get too bent out of shape about all this.
Remember to us geeks Halloween and Christmas are equivalent:
OCT 31 = DEC 25

Step 1: Triplex Vs. Triplex

Most dollar store triplex RJ11 phone connectors are straight-through.

Straight-through just means each of the three jacks is the same.

Fancier 2-line triplex connectors split out Line 1, Line 2, and give you the original Line 1 & Line 2.

Step 2: Open Wide

Find the two tiny square clips on the corner edge of the triplex adaptor.

Press down as shown with a small screwdriver blade.

At the same time pull the two halves gently apart.

Next, press down on the second clip.

The two halves will separate.

Step 3: Pull Plugs

Gently pry the three jacks out of the shell.

Just slide a thin flat screwdriver blade underneath to pop them out.

Step 4: Pin Swap

You are only going to modify two of the three jacks.
Leave the jack with double wires alone.

For Line 1 ( at right in photo) -

*First straighten out the yellow and black pins and pull out the wires.
*Then reinsert the yellow and black pins into the outermost jack holes.
*Bend the pins back to their original angles to hold them in place.

For Line 2 (at left in photo)
  • Straighten all the pins.
  • Now pull the green pin and replace with the black pin.
  • Next pull the red pin and replace with the yellow pin.
  • Last, place the red and green pins into the outer jack holes.
  • Bend the pins back to hold them in place.

Step 5: Plug Up

Plug the jacks back into the shell.

Line 1 has central green and red wires.

Line 2 has central black and yellow wires

Line 1 + Line 2 is the only jack you did not change and has double wires..

Step 6: Snap Shut

With a permanent marker, or a label maker, mark each of the jacks.

  • Line 1 has the Christmas Pair
  • Line 2 has the Halloween Pair

Snap the case shut.

Your DIY 2-line connector is better than a new one because the extra pins help hold the phone plugs securely in place.