Introduction: DIY $20 SOFTBOX - I Did the Softbox $20 Which Was $200

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Hi everyone. Every photographer, youtuber and almost everyone need a softbox. But everyone know that they are so expensive. I made so cheap softbox for you. Yes this is not different than original and expensive softbox. The original softbox is $200 but my handmade softbox is $20 :) (fee is changable for everycountry) Let's make it :)

Step 1: Materials:


*thick cardboard

*hot glue gun

*aluminium foil



*wall plug adaptor



*greaseproof paper

*black acrylic point and brush (optional)


*utility knife (optional)




Step 2: Cut Your Thick Cardboard:

You need big thick cardboard. And cut it. You can see all size on the photo. You can change all sizes if you want a big or small softbox. This softbox size is 50cm x 50cm. You need 4 cardboard pieces of the same size.

Step 3: Make Some Line (don't Cut)

Don't cut it. Make a little line just one side of your cardboard.

Step 4: Cover the Parts You Cut With Aluminum.

Cover one side of the parts you cut with aluminum. One side is enough. I used the hot glue gun for paste. You can use any glue; hot glue gun, paper glue, school glue, liquid glue and etc.

Step 5: Combine the 4 Sides With Each Other.

Combine the 4 sides with each other. I used a tape for combine.

Step 6: Cut a Cardboard for Center.

The center size of my softbox is 12cm. I cut a 12cm x 12cm cardboard. This piece is so important.

Step 7: Cut a Hole on the Cardboard..

Cut a hole on the cardboard. Hole size is the size of bulb socket.

Step 8: And Again Cover This Piece With Aluminium Foil.

And again cover this piece with aluminium foil. Of course I used a glue gun for paste. This is optional but glue gun is best and easiest methot.

Step 9: Paste the Last Cardboard Piece of the Softbox.

Paste the last cardboard piece of the softbox. Again I used glue gun. But also I used tape. This piece is so important for softbox. This is important for sturdiness.

Step 10: I Also Use Tape for Inside of Softbox.

I also use tape for inside of softbox. Sturdiness is so important :) Paste all corners from inside the softbox.

Step 11: Assemble the Electrical Assembly Step 1

Firstly assembly the bulb socket and cable.

Step 12: Assemble the Electrical Assembly Step 2

And assembly the wall plug adaptor. Be carefull and look at the photo for it.

Step 13: Assembly the Softbox and Cable.

Assembly the softbox and cable. And uss hot glue gun again. And assembly the bulb on this step. Bulb is important. Use quality and high voltage bulb. And of course use 'white' light bulb. Don't use 'sun light color' bulb. The original light of softbox is white.

Step 14: Paste the Greaseproof Paper on the Big Side of Softbox.

Paste the greaseproof paper on the big side of softbox. If you don't use the greaseproof paper, your light is can not soft. The light of softbox is soft light. We need this paper for best light. You can use anything for paste this piece. I use the tape. Easiest and best methot :)

Step 15: Paint It. (optional Step)

Actually this step is optional. If you want to your softbox looks like the original and expencive softbox, you can paint your softbox. Just use some black acrylic point :)

Step 16: Finishhhhhh :)

Your amazing and cheap softbox is ready. I made 2 softbox.

Step 17: You Can See My Video for All Steps :)

You can see my video for all steps :)

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