Introduction: DIY 2020 Extrusion Corner Plates

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If you're looking for some cheap aluminum corner brackets for 2020 extrusion look no further. This guidecovers how to create your own using some everyday 1/8" thick 2.5" wide rectangle bar. You can make about 10 of these for $6. These run $14 on Amazon for 4, so you're saving a ton of money by making these yourself. They work just as well. If you're building a 3D Printer this part can save a lot of money and add some strength to your printer build.


1. A Template. Either use an existing bracket like I did or you can use this DXF Bracket Template I created. This can be printed, or cut out from hardboard on a laser cutter. Printing it on some cardstock and cutting it out is very easy.

2. Some 1/8" thick aluminum bar stock. 2.5" wide. Available at most big box stores.

3. One 5mm Metric drill bit. Also available at your local big box store. or I have used these Metric Bits on amazon

4. Metal cutting saw blade. I used this Metal Blade from amazon

4. Sanding/Polishing wheel (Optional) to brighten up your part.

You will also need a miter saw to do the cutting and a drill press or drill to put in the holes.

Step 1: Step 1: Trace Your Template

Trace your template either the original or from the template you made from the DXF file. I used a mechanical pencil as it makes a very accurate line.

Step 2: Step 2: Cut Out Part

Cut out the part. Be very careful as cutting aluminum sometimes results in hot shards of metal flying around. Always wear eye protection and observe saw safety cutting it out.

Step 3: Step 3: Drill the Holes

Drill out the 5mm holes so you can mount this to your 2020 extrusion. Make sure you observe drill safety and wear protective eye gear.

Step 4: Step 4: Admire Your Work!

You can admire your work or optionally take the time to sand and polish up these brackets. You can see it looks (and works) just like the more expensive original.

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