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Introduction: Glider 2m Wingspan


Follow the steps to make this simple 2m wingspan glider. i'm not a profesional builder. I hope you can use it as an inspiration.


your flying enthousiast Thomas

Step 1: Construct Base Form

Make the body by cutting balsa beams length aprox : 70 cm (27.6 in) and 4 cm (1.6 in) wide.

Note for a stronger body apply a smal beam as seen on the picture. You can use normal contact glue.

Step 2: Construction of the Wings

use two balsa boards of 2 and 1mm thickness.

The leading edge is a simple beam.

Glue the two boards on the beam.

Glue the two boards together and now you see een small wing profile.

Step 3: Wing Connection to Body

Cut out the small boards and glue two small and strong slats. ( i used an epoxy glue).choose an angle and glue it together.

Step 4: Connect Wing

Make sure you use strong glue (epoxy of hot glue)

Note : the small plastic bars are important for a stronger wing !! these bars are beeing used in kites (very cheap).

Step 5: Constructing of the V-tail

Cut the form twice and glue them together. Angle: 45 degrees

Step 6: Connection to Body

you can use normal an cheap elastics for the connection.

Step 7: Adding Wingtips

You can add wing tips. I made an angle of 30 degrees for an optimal drag and glide ratio. note : use small alu-bars so you can adjust the wingtips.

Step 8: Ora Covering

I used oracover to cover the glider. This makes the glider strong. There are several colors available.

note : Do not use a normal iron -> heat is not controlled.

Step 9: Finishing the Body

This is the glider. Note that the tip is made of foam. You can uses other materials for this.

Step 10: Construction of the Gummy Motor

I bought a prop from graupner at the local rc - shop. I glued a hook in the body wich wil hold the elastic.

Step 11: Testing !! :D

Important note : its important to balance your glider! the balance point lays at 1/3 from the leading edge.

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    syed rayan
    syed rayan

    7 years ago

    its a nice glider how much distance does it glide.

    i dont have wood so i will use thermocal plaits to make it


    8 years ago

    What is the length and width of the 2 wings