D.I.Y. 3 Different Washi Tape

Introduction: D.I.Y. 3 Different Washi Tape

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Washi tapes are popular in scrapbooking,smashbooking and other crafts.so I decided to make my own variety of tape using fabric glue and simple glue.let's start the tutorial..

Step 1: 1.Gather Your Materials.you Are Going to Need : Masking Tape/electric Tape,glue,fabric Glue,scissor,fabric of Your Choice,wax Paper or Used Plastic Cover of Your Daily Goods,color and Newspaper.

Step 2: 2.for the First One..apply Tape on Your Plastic Cover or Wax Paper.

Step 3: 3.Now,apply a Coat of Fabric Glue on It and Cover the Tape Properly by Glue Using Your Finger Tips.

Step 4: 4.now Cover the Tape With Fabric and Press It So That There Is No Bubble Inside It.

Step 5: 5.After 1/2 Hour or 1 Hour It'll Dry Properly.then Cut It With Scissor.

Step 6: 6.For the Second and Third One,do According to the Instructions I Gave Before.instead of Fabric Use Newspaper or Magazine Paper .For the Third One You Just Paint Over the Paper After Applying Glue.Voilla! You Just Made Your Personalised Washi Tape.

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